Yuri is a specialist in the field of Singularity. This involves the convergence and symbiosis of these emerging technologies: ICT, biotechnology (DNA reading and writing), nanotech, neuroscience technology, robots, artificial intelligence, new energy, brain computer interfaces, 3D printers and aerospace.

In 2014, the controversial book Exponential Organizations was released, he and Salim Ismail wrote the book together and organized the first Dutch Singularity Summit in Amsterdam.

He has been actively involved since 2008 in the global movement of the Singularity. He was the first Dutchman in 2010 alumnus of the Singularity University in Silicon Valley. This university was born from NASA and Google with Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis and Larry Page as driving forces.

After going through the Singularity University, he completed the first Futuremed program at the same University. This program focused on the future of health care. Currently he is the exclusive official ambassador of this university in the Netherlands. Yuri finally launched the Dutch blog Singularity Singularity and organizes various events.

Yuri is a member of the Top Team led by Min Creative Industry Minister Maxime Verhagen (Rutte) since March 2011. These are the Top Sector Policy Innovation. He’s here with three others responsible for the establishment of a new and holistic innovation for the entire industry. This program is very successful, pioneering and even at EU level, leading and fully embraced.

Yuri is an expert on everything around mobile Internet including apps, widgets, tablets, campaigns, sites and sensors. He is a founding member of the highly successful Mobile Monday (MoMo Amsterdam), Quantified Self Europe (quantifying your own mental and physical health through smartphones and sensors), Quantified Self Amsterdam and driving force behind Vodafone Mobile Clicks, the largest mobile internet start-up competition in the world with 250,000 euros in prize money. He is co-founder of TEDx Amsterdam since 2009.

Furthermore Yuri is involved in the worldwide rapidly growing movement Lean Startup by Eric Ries. He is co-founder of the first major Lean Startup event in the Netherlands. This is a moving and methodology that builds on the thinking and working in Agile, Scrum, Service Design and Design Thinking.

Finally, Yuri since 2007 has its own innovation agency called Trend8, which he innovative projects for clients such as Adidas Global, Vodafone Group, Samsung, Philips Global, MIT, Google, UPC, RWS, University, eBay / Marktplaats.nl PON and performing. National, European Be it global.

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