Saint Elizabeth CEO Shirlee Sharkey is a pioneer and a futurist.  It’s this kind of multi-directional thinking that has made her and Saint Elizabeth a leader in Canadian health care. Shirlee joined Saint Elizabeth as the President and CEO in 1992, and through her leadership, the organization has enjoyed exponential growth as well as expansion throughout Canada.  A community institution and Canada’s largest social enterprise, Saint Elizabeth staff proudly conducts 18,000 health care visits each day and their staff of 8000 makes it their mission to spread hope and happiness.  Personally, Shirlee serves on a number of boards and advisory groups in Canada.  She is a sought-after speaker and a frequent contributor to Canada’s premier national newspaper, the Globe and Mail.  Internationally recognized, Shirlee is a respected and influential leader in the global innovation community.

My favorite quote

“Who’s to say who’s an expert?” – Paul Newman

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