My name is Ruben de Sain, 33 years of age from Nijmegen.

On September 7th 2005 I had a motorcycle accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down.

My life was turned upside down and I needed to get used to life in a wheelchair. One year after the accident I started working again (sales car dealership ) and kept on doing so for the last ten years.

Last October 2015, the physiotherapist from the Sint Maartenskliniek invited me to a study with the ReWalk exoskeleton that would provide me the opportunity to walk again. After intensive training and successful crowdfunding I now have my own ReWalk and I am able to walk again. The main goal right now is to try and convince our government and health insurers to pay for this exoskeleton for other paralyzed people. We are trying to provide medical and mental proof that the ReWalk is a machine that enhances health, mental state and quality of life in general for paralyzed people that are able to use it.

My favorite quote

“Nothing is impossible.”