A world without food waste. This is the mission of Lisanne van Zwol (26), who is working on solving the pressing issue of food waste since 2012. 30-50% of all the food we produce worldwide we do not actually eat. WhenLisanne found out a significant amount of the food that is being wasted is wasted because of its ‘looks’ (wonky tomatoes, and two-legged carrots for example) she decided it was time for change.

Kromkommer (‘crooked cucumber’) was founded with the aim of rescuing wonky vegetables and produce that is wasted because of overproduction.
Changing a system is not easy and certainly cannot be done by a single (wo)man. Therefore, a Krommunity was founded, consisting of growers, retailers, consumers, fans, production facilities, government agencies, educational organisations etc. Together just works better! Kromkommer tries to change the current food system by both inspiring others with catchy campaigns and events but also by leading by example through creating solutions and business models that can be implemented, scaled and become a structural part of our food chain. After a big and successful crowdfunding campaign Lisanne and her team managed to launch a soup line made out of wonky vegetables. As of now, Kromkommer soups are sold in over 150 shops throughout the Netherlands.

Lisanne has a Master’s degree in Psychology (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and also finished a Master in International Business Administration (Rotterdam School of Management). Among others, she was listed in the DJ100 (list of young sustainability professionals) in 2013, finalist of The Next Entrepreneur (Rabobank) in 2015, and Kromkommer was listed in the top 100 of Toekomstmakers (future shapers) in 2015.