John Mattison, MD is Chief Health Information Officer for the largest region of KP with over 4.2 million members and 8000 physicians.  He led and completed the largest deployment of an EHR in the US one year ahead of schedule and $267Million under budget.  KP consistently leads nearly every independent survey of quality outcomes for its members.  John leads many innovation projects including Open Notes, Virtual Care, Remote Sensing, and Big Data Analytics.  Open Notes delivers every clinical note to every member and improves patient satisfaction, patient engagement and accuracy of notes.

John practiced many clinical specialties including preventive medicine, primary care, intensive care, trauma and hyperbaric medicine before he dedicated his career to health IT.  He is the founder of the XML standard for health record exchange, the first clinician on the SNOMED International Board, founding board member for Open mHealth Consortium for mobile health apps and interoperability, and is an advisory board member for Ethics and Policy for Precision Medicine Initiative.  John co-chairs the eHealth Workgroup of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) which is dedicated to supporting genomics research and care through collaboration among member institutions, which includes nearly every nation and consortium involved in genomics research and care worldwide.  He has published numerous articles on both Health IT and Health Policy, and is an active participant on various global philanthropic initiatives including People Centered Internet and Innovation for Jobs, where he recently launched “Re-imagining Childhood” to focus on policy and support for early childhood experiences, which dramatically shape both lifespan and healthspan.  John consults and keynotes internationally on numerous topics, teaches at many universities, and has received various awards recognizing his contributions to Health IT and Policy.

My favorite quote

“Using modern technology to restore ancient wisdom” – John Mattison

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