Job Vogel is a known figure in the Dutch custom scene. With his distinguished mustache, tidy in the tip, shirt, tie and Stetson, he is the true gentleman of custom loving Holland. The former Art Director and current professor in DesignThinking at HAN University of Applied Science and Minnesota State University, Mankato, is also the founder of Buro: a Creative Media Mob, a professional consulting new media agency with branches in Arnhem (NL), Mankato (USA) and Dublin (IRL). Completely student ran, the mob operates at the intersection of communication, multimedia, design and information technology by producing cutting edge media projects for its clientele. Through a consistent flow of distributing knowledge, he infects his mobsters with passion and enthusiasm for the beautiful art of creating ideas that matter. Aiming to leave the virtual world aside, Vogel finds solace in his passion of motorcycle maintenance, which he can be found doing in every moment of his spare time. His mind and soul pines for the smell of old oil mixed with a twist of gasoline. One might think he lives in multiple worlds, but the balance of his passions keep him healthy and makes him a better professional.

My favorite quote

“Motorcycle maintenance is as much art as it is science.”

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