Since 1982 Hans Schoo has been working in healthcare. He has a background in nursing, has studied art history at the University of Amsterdam and holds an MBA-H of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

He has extensive experience in various managerial positions in both the cure and care. Until March 2015 he was director of strategy development in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam. Since March 1, 2015 –  he is Chiefinspector curative healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical technology.

The domain curative healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical technology consists of several units that focus on monitoring and enforcement, the so-called ‘primary process’. The Chiefinspector is ultimately responsible for these units. The Inspectorate advises the responsible ministers and applies various measures, including advice, encouragement, pressure and coercion, to ensure that health care providers offer only ‘responsible’ care. The Inspectorate investigates and assesses in a conscientious, expert and impartial manner, independent of party politics and unaffected by the current care system.

My favorite quote

“La créativité demande du courage”– Henri Matisse

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