Robert has been an entrepreneur in healthcare since 2003. With his companies, Arbol Health Group and Arbol Healthcare real estate, he specifically initiates, develops and realises real estate and accommodation for healthcare, cure and care, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Real estate in healthcare is capital-intensive and should function optimally as asset.  Its success is irrevocably linked with the value it produces, the services that are provided and the manner in which all of this has been organised.

The innovations in healthcare are happening at such an incredible pace that it will without a doubt influence the health care organizations and subsequently the real estate portfolios and properties.

What are the properties that need to be realized, that can be both ‘future-proof’ and employed for alternative uses? This is a question that we consider every single day.  And, this is our profession, but our profession is changing!

Robert is continuously searching for innovative applications that could possibly contribute to the improvement of healthcare and real state.  Many healthcare organisations use Arbol to help start new initiatives that fit perfectly with their organisation and that take the future into account. Robert studied architectural engineering, construction management and business administration.

My favorite quote

“An idea is salvation by imagination.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

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