Better Healthcare

De zorg verbeteren met technologische innovaties is niet alleen al mogelijk, slim en nodig, maar vooral ook complex. We staan pas aan het begin en de veranderingen gaan snel! U wilt daarom graag weten welke veranderingen en mogelijkheden er voor uw deur staan en wat dit voor uw organisatie inhoud. Dit alles begint bij het vergaren van betrouwbare kennis. Die kennis verkrijgt u via ons vakinhoudelijke magazine, website, events, congressen en workshops.

Improving healthcare with technological innovations is not just possible, smart and necessary, it’s also complex. We are only at the beginning and change is happening fast! That’s why you would like to know which changes and opportunities are at your doorstep and what this means for your organization. This all begins at gathering reliable knowledge. That knowledge is available trough our magazine, website, events, conferences and workshops.

Insights & overview

De technological opportunities for caregivers, organizations and the patient/client are growing exponentially: eHealth, mHealth, serious gaming, IT and even robotics are becoming mainstream in daily practice. More and more people are coming to their physicians with self-measured data. An increasing number of people starts their ‘treatment’ by using a online search engine.

At the same time people and organizations aren’t always ready or prepared for the changes they face. What is the level of eSkills in your organization? Which EHR system is the best for you? Do you know what the right choices will be for today, next year and for the next 10 years? And which role does the government have in this? Do you still have overview in all these mind-boggling opportunities? ICT&Health will make sure you are up to date.

Editorial Board

We pick all content that you read in our media with our specialists from our editorial board (Dutch page). This board consists of doctors, scientists, suppliers, patients, government and innovative entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and abroad. Lucien Engelen, director of the Radboudumc REshape Center, as guest editor is also chairman of the editorial board. Together we inform you about all relevant developments that are important to you, your organization and your patients or clients.


ICT&health magazine is published 6 times a year. In this magazine you can find in-depth articles about the whole spectrum of ICT&health: from implementing a new system in a general practice to spectaculair innovations that are surprisingly close. This way you are always informed on the latest developments on the area’s of eHealth, domotica, ICT, innovation, mHealth, legislation and ethics.