Updated post as of Jan 2016:
Exactly 93 years after the first 24 hours of Le Mans was organized we’ll start OurFutureHealth conference. 

May 26th,1923 the first 24 hour race of Le Mans was held. Intended for manufacturers to battle for the ability to build sporty cars that were reliable as well. An yearly endurance for both the technology and the people.

The challenges we face in healthcare nowadays are as compelling and challenging as the Le Mans race : tight budgets, doubling demands and shortage of skilled personell will require maximum creativity from us who work in healthcare.

Ever since 2009 as Radboud REshape & Innovation Center we have set a yearly conference on the aspects of innovation, idea’s and creativity with the focus on healthcare. Started in 2009 with the first REshape conference, then Pecha Kucha’s, stepped into the TEDx arena with TEDxMaastricht 2011 and TEDxMaastricht 2012. Next a private TEDxRadboudU was held early 2012 for our colleagues as inspiration for the Newly started Year. And in 2013 we definitely left Maastricht to take stage in our University’s hometown with TEDxNijmegenand our sister event TEDxRadboudU.

We’ve ignited the Patients Included Act creating awareness of the great added value of patients on stage, in program committee and in the audience.

Constantly seeking for maximum inspiration we also explore new formats, and that is why -as announced at TEDxNijmegen- for the upcomming conference we’ll take it to the next level. We originally had this event planned for 2014 but due to the overwhelming requests for partnering we’ve decided to shift it to 2016 to make it even better.

Now leaving the TEDx-format (at least for our health-conferences) we’ve put ourselves up to the challenge to run a 24 hour conference that will travel with “the light of day” with the 2016 conference “OurFutureHealth”. (working title was “360andAbove”, but we swapped into OurFutureHealth. )

Opening the 24 hour challenge in Nijmegen we’ll travel Westwards with the daylight around the Globe with healthcare institutions to host a slot with great idea’s, content, innovations and stories about changing healthcare into a place where patients can act as partners. Special focus is the startupscene, since we think thát is one of the most thrilling places where new idea’s, ‘hacks’ and paradigm shifts will come from. One timezone at a time we will run this conference LIVE in the internet. 24 hour after the start we’ll have the Grand Finale again in the Netherlands.

Of course we will doing this by partnering with all kinds of great institutions, companies and individuals and government, that makes a lot of these innovation possible.

Today we’ll start announcing our first partner: the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ). Their task is : to promote public health by enforcing the use of quality standards by all healthcare providers, regulating prevention measures and medical products. While exploring possible options in a 2.0 era they pursuit their task together with other stakeholders like patients, their family and healthcare professionals and institutions.

More info, the date and partners will be shared through our FaceBook-pages and Twitter,and soon also options will be given for institutions, companies to candidate for hosting a slot or partnering in other ways in this unique conference.