Just like the rest of society, health(care) is changing. Although medical innovations usually get adopted very fast, changing the model of how we deliver health(care) is lacking that velocity. Meanwhile digitization of society makes digital the default. The convergence of technology and patient empowerment is where we think new (business) models in health(care) will evolve.

This is the main reason why we created the REshape Center at Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen. Scouting, inspiring, testing and implementing new ways for health(care) also in the field of delivery, education (Medical & Nursing school) and research.

For some background on our effort at the REshape Center you might read some of our blogs :

On scouting what’s next, or sharing some of our lessons learned in innovations and the way we think we should handle the upcoming era. You can read more on this on my Linkedin influencer blog.

Following our TEDx’es in 2011 & 2012 in Maastricht, and Nijmegen in 2013, we now think the ‘stars are in the right position’ to take a next step or actually a giant leap.

On May 26th, during the week of the StartUpFest, Nijmegen will be the stage for a conference about ‘Our Future Health’, maybe i should say also ‘YOUR Future Health’.

Starting at 9am we will host a great array of including speakers ranging from patients, doctors. & nurses, researchers, technologists and musicians. Already confirmed are experts in their field like Peter Hinssen (writer of The New Normal), Daniel Kraft (Singularity University) (to be confirmed), Jos de Blok (Buurtzorg), Oscar Kneppers (Rockstart) and the Dutch Minister of Health Edith Schippers, also Prof. Maarten Steinbuch (TU/e Eindhoven) and most of both the chairs of our Patients Advisory Council Jopie Verhoeven and Eva Eikhout amongst many many others to be announced.

The theme of the conference is how to create sustainable health(care) with the help of  #patientsincluded innovations and startups.

As of Noon the conference will split into two streams, one National stream in Nijmegen and one Global stream in an extra channel on the internet.
In Nijmegen we will continue to host great array of speakers on the theme until 6pm.  Simultaneously over the internet we will travel the Globe, to touch base in over 20 cities reaching out to healthcare institutions.  In 24 hours they share their vision and effort on OurFutureHealth in 30 minute slots. Following daylight London, Stockholm, Basel, Boston, Toronto, San Francisco, Moffet Field (NASA), Singapore, Paris and many more cities will share their stories. Our last stop will be Amsterdam.  All cities will jump ‘on the cable’ with talks that will be recorded and published online afterwards. This way you will be able to see afterwards what happened in this Worlds’ first 24 hours of global innovation marathon and have a great resource for your own innovations.

So let’s start REshaping our future health 😉
Start by following us on twitter and applying for a ticket 😉


Director REshape Center
Radboud University Medical Center