You may not have noticed it: but today there was a parallel session with 200 participants about real estate. Daniel van den Berg (architect) comes with a message for the audience: obviously you missed something. An interesting session with four perspective on the future of health care real estate. Including Harry van Goor, surgeon in the Radboudumc, a person who likes to disrupt. He has the idea for a room with a view: the interior of a patient room could reduce stress and use of medication.
Wiegerink architects and Arbol healthcare took the audience along the different trends in Dutch healthcare landscape, and the consequences of this trends. People want to feel at home, therefore we have to re-invent our profession. Daniel van den Berg tells about the world wide campus environment and the future of it. Finally, René Bleeker, director of real estate of the Radboudumc, explains how we can be very smart in timing what we need in hardware.

Everything is recorded: do watch it!