“Its the best of times. Its the worst of times.” Peter Hinssen quotes Charles Dickens to start his talk. What he means is that technology goes so fast that it becomes impossible to grasp. This gives opportunities and fear at the same time. People like Peter Hinssen are obviously very excited about all the technological opportunities. But a lot of healthcare providers are not, according to Peter. And that attitude is not without risk.

We tend to spend a lot of time on today’s issues. Tomorrow receives lesser attention. But the time spent on the future is nearly zero. That’s where the risk is. If we don’t spend enough time on the day after tomorrow, the transformation of an organisation is in danger. And if there’s one thing that days like Our Future Health point out is that these transformation is inevitably at hand.

If we spend enough time on the day after tomorrow we will see the changes ahead in what we know about ourselves, what we measure, how healthcare is organized, and how we treat patients. What’s the endpoint? Treating death? Peter leaves us thinking about that.