Lucien Engelen drops the question: is it possible to use a new technology like blockchain in healthcare?

To answer it, we need to know something about blockchaintechnology. It is, in short, a safe way to exchange high valued information without interference of an intermediary and at much lower cost. A real challenge in healthcare these days!

After Engelen’s question, Jacob Boersma enters the stage, tied with some blocks on his left ankle. Together they show on stage, real time, a working blockchainsystem. A system where the patient is completely in control, after he logged in using is banking card and a random reader.

But why is this so different from other systems? And why don’t we have it already? Some of the reasons: all the transactions happen peer to peer, all parties can check if the data is still valid, there is no single point of failure and there is no system to hack.

Curious? You can try it for yourself: Join us to unchain the future of healthcare!