Bert Vrijhoef (1971) is Professor in Health Services and Policy Research at the National University of Singapore and the National University Health System, PI at Maastricht UMC, visiting Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, and CIO of Panaxea B.V. in Amsterdam. Previously, he was Professor in Chronic Care at the Scientific Centre for Care and Welfare, Tilburg University; Scientific Director of the department of Integrated Care at Maastricht UMC; and Director of the Master Health Policy and Innovation Management at Maastricht University. He worked at the MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, as Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow.


His work focuses on improving the health of people with chronic diseases by redesigning care; substitution of care between health care professionals; the cost-effectiveness and implementation of e-Health.


He was elected member of the National Evaluation Committee of Bundled Payments to advise the Dutch Minister on the impact of bundled payments. Bert has been awarded Leading Researcher in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Maastricht University, and has previously received awards from the Federation of Patients and Consumer Organizations in the Netherlands and the Dutch National Organization for Health Research and Development. Bert is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Care Coordination.

My favorite quote

“To get something off the ground one needs more than winds of change.” – Vrijhoef, 2002

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