The virtual Global Stream

At noon the conference will split into two streams. While the conference continues in de Vereeniging in Nijmegen, Our Future Health will travel the globe online. We will follow daylight using a live video stream of 24 hours, touching base in cities like Paris, London, Stockholm, Basel, Boston, Toronto, San Francisco, Moffet Field (NASA) and Singapore. Several healthcare institutions, companies and patients will share their vision and ideas to improve healthcare, make it more affordable and accessible. All talks will be published online after the event.

Fire of Innovation

We will summarize the complete stream at the end of the virtual tour on Friday the 27th (location TBA). State secretary of the Ministery of Health, Welfare and Sports Martin van Rijn will combine the to do’s, calls for action and issues in a Fire of Innovation. This Fire of Innovation will be used in the E-Health week that will take place a week after Our Future Health.

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