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Sixteen years ago I was sitting on the couch. Alone. Unable to work. No energy. Grumpy … Piet-Heijn van Mechelen pictures the audience his experience with his Sleep Apnea Syndrome. The first symptoms aren’t alarming, and look a lot like a serious hangover. But over time they get worse .…

And it took long to find out what it was. With a big impact on his life. “All because I didn’t know”. And that has to be prevented.
But that’s more easy said than done. He describes the Dutch Healthcare System as a triangle with very unequal corners: Healthcare Companies as big institutions, Physicians and hospitals as big players. And then patients: the Calimero’s. Small, and that’s not fair. And in the middle of the triangle a lousy 74.4 billion to be divided every year.

The Patient Academy aims to support patients’ organizations in their role as a professional partner in the Dutch healthcare system.

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Pieter de Winter