Project Description

I’m not straight either, was a text on a flag Lisanne van Zwol and her collegeaus of were holding on the gayparade. The textline referred to a curved cucumber. This was part of a big campaign to lay focus on the amount of food that is waisted because of disapproved looks. Lisanne now owns a company that makes healthy products of these otherwise waisted foods.

She started a few years ago, just graduated as psychologist. With friends she collected disapproved food in her town. Within two hours her bag was full. How much food is my city throwing away? How much is the world throwing away?, she wondered. The answer: of every bite we eat, there is one bite being thrown away. She asked: How to make people fall in love with imperfect food?

That is the basic thought of her company. She had a dream to prevent food being waisted and made it into a success. One of the first experiments, soup of curved cucumbers, became a success. Shops wanted it on the shelves. So she starte a crowdfunding campaign to be able to really make more products, named wonkies. They are sold now in more than 170 shops in the Netherlands.

Cucumbers  may nog be straight, but the can nevertheless be delicious. For the audience she has a message: if you have a dream: start to work on it en keep believing in it. “You can make a difference”. She made a difference with cucumbers that weren’t straight.

Liveblog written by

Karin Oost