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And we are off with an introduction of @LucienEngelen who introduces Leon van Halder, the chairman of the Radboudumc.
Leon starts with what drives him and the people at Radboudumc: Harry, one of their patients. Innovation is one of the important pillars to the future of patient care. Cooperation, Sharing and Acceleration: these are the three magic words for innovation. This day is an example to help in this by sharing the content for the next twenty four hours!
Lucien Engelen is introduced by Leon though of course he hardly needs an introduction anymore. Core of his talk is of course the patient. By creating and sharing knowledge we are able to improve care and health. Leon: what is your challenge? Lucien: startups are the driving force of innovation. Our challenge is. amongst others, to let Radboudumc be the biggest startup in healthcare.
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Martijn Kriens