Project Description

Lindee founded Joule, a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association. For Linda it delivers the dream job. The goal of Joule is to create innovation in the healthcare system and help advance disruptive ideas by physicians. Hacking Health, an innovation council are some of the activities they set up. Also, by supplying seed money they are able to help innovators bring the innovations to healthcare. Joule started a month ago so there a no real examples yet but there are great ambitions.
What are the big ideas in healthcare innovation. Big data? For David the challenge is that there is a culture of “No, you can’t …”. HackingHealth is founded to create an environment where “No, you can’t” is changed in “Yes, you can try”. Until now there have been 50 Health Hackathons. These hackathons show to people that new ideas and change is possible.
After the final No there comes a Yes! – Wallace Stevens
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Martijn Kriens