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Why not put our three technical universities together? That is a plea Neelie Kroes, ambassador of StartUp Delta makes in an interview at OurFutureHealth. She thinks that if university’s work together we can make the Netherlands the best place on earth for eHealth. The audience seems te agree with this idea, for the rising applause is very loud.

Kroes is interviewed together with the Dutch ministry on health, Edith Schippers. Schippers says we need eHealth for financial sustainability and that it is important to empower people. But healthcare is way behind other sectors, experiences Schippers. ‘I can buy roses online, but I still have pons cards for hospitals in my wallet. That’s technology of the fifty’s!’

Change will most likely come from the startups, both woman agree. Starts ups are ‘so fascinating’ Kroes says. Why is there not a yet for the healthcare? Entering the market of health is difficult admits Schippers, for he healthcare market is not a free market, so it is much harder to compete. Schippers says the government wants to fasten innovation.

Schippers expects much of the new generation doctors who will be uses to technology in all parts of their live. But for innovation we need first standardization and one language. Schippers encourages startups to include doctors and patients in their development, fort they know what they need.

The Netherlands are a top country in ehealth, but there is still a lot to do. Cooperation is the key, claims Kroes. Universities, students, doctors, nurses and startups should learn from each other.

Liveblog written by

Pieter de Winter