Project Description

It’s been said so often: patients must be included in healthcare innovation. Jopie Verhoeven and Eva Eikhout make this message reality. As chairholders of the Patient Advisory Group and Children Advisory Group of the Radboudumc they are involved in a lot of developments: from healthcare to education to research. They bring Roos (11) on stage who participated in the Coder Dojo where elementary school children learn to code. The message is simple: technology is already incorporated in todays health. If we don’t teach children to code, we will lose touch with the development of healthcare technology in the future.

This brings Jopie and Eva on the use of technology to make their lives easier. The possibilities are endless. But in the technological storm, we will also need ‘slow medicine’ as Jopie explains, because there should always be time to listen to the needs of the patients. The use of technology is not the same as automated care. It makes human care more powerful. And smart technology gives patients a growing opportunity to participate in society. As long as children continue to code, and know how to listen to the patient, the future is promising.

Liveblog written by

Marcel Wortel