The conference in Nijmegen

The conference is held in the beautiful ‘De Vereeniging‘ in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Over 1.200 guests will be able to listen to a variety of national & international speakers. Including patients, doctors & nurses, researchers, technologists and musicians.

Making ‘health’ sustainable

Theme of the conference is how we can make health ‘sustainable, as in better, more affordable and accessible with the help of startups that have a #patientsincluded approach.

Interactive program

Aside from all the speakers there will also be startups on the stage, sharing their ideas and mind boggling demonstrations on what will be possible in healthcare. There will also be time for music, art and fun!


Mark Van Houdenhoven

Doekle Terpstra

Hans Schoo

John Mattison

Marijn van der Meer

Lisanne van Zwol

Yuri van Geest

Stefaan Bergé

Daniel Kraft

Ruben de Sain

Bas Bloem

Edith Schippers

Job Vogel

Peter Hinssen

Dan Munro

Neelie Kroes