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Roy Pype

Roy Pype is associate partner at Wiegerinck architecture and urban planning. He’s driven by ‘interpreting’. Designing is a job for people. People who, in their role, clearly pursue their interests. People who have to learn to understand and speak each other’s language. For Roy, successfully combining interests while at the same time retaining a high-quality [...]

René Bleeker

-Architecture and Real Estate Management, Technical University of Delft; -OLVG Amsterdam, projectmanager; -Ministerie of VWS, College Bouw Ziekenhuisvoorzieningen, planning department cure and care; -Tergooiziekenhuizen, head of real estate development; -Amphia Ziekenhuizen, director real estate development; -Radboud University Medical Centre, strategic healthcare real estate planning and director development; My favorite quote "Suck it up, [...]

Robert Muijsers

Robert has been an entrepreneur in healthcare since 2003. With his companies, Arbol Health Group and Arbol Healthcare real estate, he specifically initiates, develops and realises real estate and accommodation for healthcare, cure and care, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Real estate in healthcare is capital-intensive and should function optimally as asset.  Its success [...]

Harry van Goor

First Dutch General surgeon performing surgery with Google glass. (August 16 2013) .Chairman of the Dutch Adhesion Group (DAG) .Chairman of the master curriculum medicine Radboud University Medical Center. Research interest in the five major complications of abdominal surgery; surgical site infections, adhesions, abdominal wall defects, chronic pain and anastomotic leakage. Wide experience in surgical [...]

Piet-Heijn van Mechelen

Sociologist by education. Consultant service marketing. Vice president financial service company, responsible for marketing and communication. Chairman of Dutch Apnea Association (ApneuVereniging) and Stichting ApneuResearch. Sailor and violist. Father of 3 young ladies. My favorite quote "To be an expert by experience is something you have to earn as a patient organization." [...]

Ans Kilkens & Nathalie Verstegen

Ans Kilkens, PhD, is a speech-language pathologist at the Children’s Rehabilitation Department of the Rehabilitation Centre at the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, who specializes in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and early communication development and intervention. Ans completed a Speech Therapy Study at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and  graduated from Radboud University [...]

Mark Van Houdenhoven

Mark Van Houdenhoven has been Chair of the Board of Directors (CEO) at the Sint Maartenskliniek since 2014, a specialized hospital for posture and movement. Since 2016, he is professor in Economic Management in Healthcare appointed at the Nijmegen School of Management at the Radboud University. Previously, he has held positions as a Board Member [...]

Doekle Terpstra

Doekle Terpstra is the driving force of Zorgpact since April 2015.  At the request of  Minister Schippers (VWS), Minister Bussemaker (OCW) and State Secretary van Rijn (VWS), he is commited to regional cooperation between education, healthcare institutions and municiaplities/provinces. The goal of the strengthening of this cooperation is to contribute to better care for all, through [...]

Hans Schoo

Since 1982 Hans Schoo has been working in healthcare. He has a background in nursing, has studied art history at the University of Amsterdam and holds an MBA-H of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has extensive experience in various managerial positions in both the cure and care. Until March 2015 he was director of strategy [...]

John Mattison

  John Mattison, MD is Chief Health Information Officer for the largest region of KP with over 4.2 million members and 8000 physicians.  He led and completed the largest deployment of an EHR in the US one year ahead of schedule and $267Million under budget.  KP consistently leads nearly every independent survey of quality outcomes [...]

Lisanne van Zwol

A world without food waste. This is the mission of Lisanne van Zwol (26), who is working on solving the pressing issue of food waste since 2012. 30-50% of all the food we produce worldwide we do not actually eat. WhenLisanne found out a significant amount of the food that is being wasted is wasted [...]

Stefaan Bergé

Prof. Dr. Stefaan Bergé studied Dentistry and Medicine in Louvain, Belgium. He trained as a resident at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) of the Academic Hospital in Saarbrücken, Germany. From 1998 until 2005 he worked at the department of OMFS at the University in Bonn, Germany as a full stafmember. His qualification [...]

Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist with over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and innovation. Daniel chairs the Medicine track for Singularity University and is Executive Director and curator for the FutureMed program, which explores convergent, exponential technologies across healthcare. Dr. Kraft is board certified in both Internal [...]

Bert Vrijhoef

Bert Vrijhoef (1971) is Professor in Health Services and Policy Research at the National University of Singapore and the National University Health System, PI at Maastricht UMC, visiting Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, and CIO of Panaxea B.V. in Amsterdam. Previously, he was Professor in Chronic Care at the Scientific Centre for Care and [...]

Ruben de Sain

My name is Ruben de Sain, 33 years of age from Nijmegen. On September 7th 2005 I had a motorcycle accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down. My life was turned upside down and I needed to get used to life in a wheelchair. One year after the accident I started working again [...]

Martin van Rijn

State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport Martin van Rijn will be part of the closing ceremony of  the OurFutureHealth 24 hour Global Marathon on Friday 27th of May. Location to be announced. He will be collecting the biggest take-aways of the 30 hour during conference to use them as input for the European eHealth Week (June 8-10), during [...]

Bas Bloem

Professor Bas Bloem is a consultant neurologist at the Department of Neurology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, the Netherlands. He received his M.D. degree (with honours) at Leiden University Medical Centre in 1993. In 1994, he obtained his PhD degree in Leiden, based on a thesis entitled “Postural reflexes in Parkinson’s disease”. He was trained [...]

H.R.H. Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands

Laurentien van Oranje has a longstanding track record in the fields of child participation and sustainability. She is Founder and Director of the Missing Chapter Foundation (MCF), believing in the crucial role of children and young people as change agents in society. MCF brings together children and decision-makers in the private and public sectors [...]

Job Vogel

Job Vogel is a known figure in the Dutch custom scene. With his distinguished mustache, tidy in the tip, shirt, tie and Stetson, he is the true gentleman of custom loving Holland. The former Art Director and current professor in DesignThinking at HAN University of Applied Science and Minnesota State University, Mankato, is also the [...]

Peter Hinssen

European Serial Tech Entrepreneur both last century, and this century. First startup sold to Alcatel, second to Proximus, and the third one IPO in 2006. Today active investor in startups, many healthcare related. Teaches at London Business School since 2009, and at MIT since 2016. Author of ‘The New Normal’ and ‘The Network Always Wins’. [...]

Dan Munro

Dan Munro is a writer and national speaker on the topic of U.S. Healthcare. His first book (Casino Healthcare) is releasing this spring and he’s been writing about healthcare innovation and policy as a Forbes Contributor since 2011. Other Global brands that Dan has written for include TEDMED, Cisco, GE Capital, Re/Code, HL7 Standards, HIT [...]

Jopie Verhoeven & Eva Eikhout

Jopie: I live in Uden. For years I worked as a personnel officer, manager of staff, organization and training, at profit and non-profit organizations. Partly because of my own experience with chronic illness and disability I became active in general administrative and supervisory functions that have a common ground with national and regional policy for [...]

Neelie Kroes

Neelie Kroes is Special Envoy for startups in the Netherland and heads the StartupDelta initiative that boosts the Dutch startup ecosystem and aims to place it among the top 3 ranked competitive ecosystems in Europe. Neelie Kroes previously served 11 years as Vice-President of the European Commission, in charge of the Digital Agenda for Europe [...]

Nick Adkins

"Ego is like dust in the eyes. Clear the ego and see the world." This quote describes the unfolding path of Nick Adkins from healthcare executive to kilt-wearing digital health evangelist. Nick's journey begins with a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi and a MBA from Belmont University. A few of Nick’s [...]

Maarten Steinbuch

Maarten Steinbuch (1960) is Distinguished University Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology. He received the M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. Degree from Delft University of Technology, in 1984 and 1989 resp. From 1987-1999 he was with Philips Electronics, Eindhoven. Since 1999 he is full professor and chair of the Control Systems Technology group of the Mechanical [...]

Shirlee Sharkey

Saint Elizabeth CEO Shirlee Sharkey is a pioneer and a futurist.  It’s this kind of multi-directional thinking that has made her and Saint Elizabeth a leader in Canadian health care. Shirlee joined Saint Elizabeth as the President and CEO in 1992, and through her leadership, the organization has enjoyed exponential growth as well as expansion [...]