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Marijn van der Meer

Marijn's desire for musical inspiration and development led him to a bold plan in 2006: Leaving with his guitar for unknown destinations and see where his music would take him. A trail of setbacks broke the dream at the last minute. After 2006, he spent three years in combat against a benign tumor and himself. In 2009, [...]

Yuri van Geest

Yuri is a specialist in the field of Singularity. This involves the convergence and symbiosis of these emerging technologies: ICT, biotechnology (DNA reading and writing), nanotech, neuroscience technology, robots, artificial intelligence, new energy, brain computer interfaces, 3D printers and aerospace. In 2014, the controversial book Exponential Organizations was released, he and Salim Ismail wrote the [...]


SmartHealth is a healthcare media company focussed on the convergence of consumer technology and traditional healthcare systems. We publish an online magazine and blogs about mHealth and eHealth in Europe, and provide health-related organizations and companies with research, analysis and product insights.   TrendITion™ is a digital health platform, jointly run by Dutch national eHealth [...]

ICT & health

Better Healthcare De zorg verbeteren met technologische innovaties is niet alleen al mogelijk, slim en nodig, maar vooral ook complex. We staan pas aan het begin en de veranderingen gaan snel! U wilt daarom graag weten welke veranderingen en mogelijkheden er voor uw deur staan en wat dit voor uw organisatie inhoud. Dit alles begint [...]

Edith Schippers

In 1993 Edith Schippers worked as personal assistant to Dick Dees, a member of the House of Representatives for the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). From 1994 to 1997 she was a policy officer for the VVD parliamentary party in the field of health, welfare and sport. Ms Schippers joined the Confederation of [...]

Oscar Kneppers

Oscar Kneppers is considered one of Holland’s most successful serial entrepreneurs and a celebrated internet publisher, launching several cross-media titles since 1998 –all focused on new media and technology. After selling his media businesses in 2002 and 2008, Oscar founded Rockstart – a great place for startups – in 2011. Rockstart is the startup acceleration company [...]