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Our Future Health

Over 30 hours over content,  20+ locations worldwide, sharing the newest technologies & innovations within healthcare and awesome startups. On the 26th of May, Nijmegen will be the stage for a conference on Our Future Health. Or maybe we should say: Your Future Health.

Making ‘health’ sustainable

Theme of the conference is how we can make health ‘sustainable’. Sustainable as in better, more affordable and accessible. Achieving this goal with a #patientsincluded approach and with startups as the main driver in health(care) innovation.

Take part in a giant experiment
Our Future Health is the first healthcare conference in which a physical and virtual worldwide conference are combined.
  • The conference starts in Nijmegen where over 1.200 guests will be able to listen to a variety of national & international speakers.
  • A Global Stream. At noon the conference splits up, while the conference continues in Nijmegen Our Future Health will travel the world over the internet. Using a live video stream of 24 hours the livestream follows daylight in 20 cities on the globe.
  •  The Conference Experiment. We will be measuring vital signs an knowledge retention of some of our attendees in the audience, of people watching the live-stream and some people watching videos afterwards.
  •  Extending the tail of knowledge by introducing new technology at the conference. We can’t say much now, but it will change the way we’ll do conferences.
About us
Our Future Health is part of Start Up Fest Europe and is being organized by the Radboudumc REshape Center.
Special Real Estate Track
In the pursuit of the perfect patient experience the Radboudumc real estate program officeREshape CenterWiegerinckArbol Healthcare Real Estate and EGM Architects collaborate to create a sustainable health(care) environment. Don’t forget to check the box for the Real Estate Track on your application form if you’re interested! Read all about this unique track here.

Our Future Health is part of Start Up Fest Europe.

Startup Fest Europe is a European festival of events that help startups grow faster by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes (or verticals).

Meet our speakers »

Mark Van Houdenhoven

Doekle Terpstra

Hans Schoo

John Mattison

Marijn van der Meer

Lisanne van Zwol

Yuri van Geest

Stefaan Bergé

Daniel Kraft

Ruben de Sain

Bas Bloem

Edith Schippers

Job Vogel

Peter Hinssen

Dan Munro

Neelie Kroes

Nick Adkins

Maarten Steinbuch

Shirlee Sharkey

Oscar Kneppers

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